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Balazs Verli

web developer and graphic designer

what I do

"Do not accept things the way that they are."

I am a passionate graphic designer and web developer in London.

I push myself to enhance and extend my skillset therefore I am always open for learning new things. I have gained serious experience both in client-side and server-side programming. I can manage the whole process of development from creating Web Design to setting up a Content Management System. My newest passion is Mobile Application Development and I spend my spare time taking courses to master it, besides I develop my side-project.

who I am

"It's gotta be something that you're passionate about, because otherwise you won't have the perseverance to see it through."

I consider myself a positive yet keenly analytical person. I enjoy to optimise processes and find the tiniest flaws to enhance what I am working on. The reason I enjoying coding so much is that I can be analytical and creative the same time.

Generally I spend my spare time playing the bass, cooking, working out and first of all enhance myself as a developer.


I have two big passion, coding and music.

As every musician is facing the ordinary problems like finding band mates, getting gigs, I also have been there. I always thought writing ads to get the missing musician is not efficient. There must be a better way... But there wasn't.

To enhance my programming skills I have started working on a side project. I develop a website to connect musicians using techniqes like Javascript, JQuery, A JAX, PHP, MySQL and I will also create a cross-platform mobile application.


I developed a website for my cousin who is a bodybuilder and also a trainer. He has been building his own brand so first of all he needed a logo, and then I got shown what kind of theme he wants to gave to his website. After revisions I built the client side with a basic responsive layout. He needed a really basic website where he can officially share his articles, videos, and photos with his followers. Therfore, I also built CMS for him when I was developing the backend.

logo design
conception design
front-end: HTML5 + CSS3 / JQuery
back-end: PHP + MySQL
content management system

some designs

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